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Take Your Startup

To The Next Level

Canico accelerates your startup growth 


Help for founders to turn ideas into business reality. We connect the ideal investors with founders to realize optimal value for both.


Position to win the best, first customers. Collaborate to chart a path forward to the next phase.


Penetrate new markets, build new products, generate new partnerships, and offer extended solutions.


Form a structured workflow for growth while keeping an agile, innovation-driven culture and the startup vibe alive.


Canico proudly supports global startups in various stages and fields.

Our clients are available to share their success stories and experience working with Canico 

About Us

 Founded in 2015, we are a small collective of investors, mentors, and operating advisors to promising startups. We take a high-touch approach to select opportunities where our unique experience and network can bolster founders and provide practical operational support. And we provide strategic management consulting services that help tech businesses of all sizes transform and grow.

Hands-on executive advisory

It can get lonely at the top, and startup executives face unique challenges that few can understand and solve. We’ll provide the close expert guidance you need, resolve your BOD dilemmas, and advise you every step of the way.


Our Focus

With a presence in Toronto and Tel Aviv, our primary areas of investment focus are CleanTech and SaaS startups in North America, Israel, and Europe with global ambitions. 

Expertise that Creates Value

Canico Ventures applies its decades of operating, investing, and advisory experience to assist startups in accelerating their growth journey and facilitate maximum returns for investors.

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