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Take Your Startup

To The Next Level

Canico accelerates your startup growth 


Found new companies and turn ideas into reality. Raise seed funding and build your first strategy for success.


Position to win the most profitable accounts, and collaborate with leading enterprises.


Penetrate new markets, build new products, generate new partnerships, and offer extended solutions.


Form a structured workflow for growth while keeping an agile, innovation-driven culture and the startup vibe alive.


Canico proudly supports global startups in various stages and fields.

Our clients are available to share their success stories and experience working with Canico 


Startup business strategy

Possibilities may be endless, but taking the right next step is critical. Together, we’ll build a detailed yet flexible company development strategy that will prepare your company for growth without losing the unique character that got you this far.

Hands-on executive advisory

It can get lonely at the top, and startup executives face unique challenges that few can understand and solve. We’ll provide the close expert guidance you need, resolve your BOD dilemmas, and advise you every step of the way.

Execution support

Let’s make things happen with a detailed process for the execution of strategic plans. We’ll set goals, prioritize, delegate, and measure results. This will establish a culture of success throughout the organization and turn employees into vision partners.

The Canada BizDev Launchpad

Canada presents a huge opportunity for startups that know how to approach this lucrative market. With our BizDev experience and unique Canadian presence and connections, your startup will become a success story in a hot minute, even during the Canadian winter.

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