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From just getting started to scaling up, Canico provides practical services and makes high-value connections – from sourcing funding to charting strategy and improving operations  -  so that founders and executives can find the best path to their next level, turning ideas and innovations into high-growth enterprises

Early Stage Funding with Value-add Advisory

Canico Ventures provides you with the foundation and resources to tap the optimal sources of value-added funding and advisory support.  Our collective of partners are ready to invest, as well as help make the right connections with angel investors and funds to best fit your growth stage and needs – from tens of thousands to over a million. We collaborate with angels, angel groups, and seed funds to help make it happen.


We’ll help you from business plan to research, to pitch and beyond. We have international experience with angel investors, strategics, VC’s and large PE.

Unfolding a Plan

Possibilities may be endless, but taking the right next step is critical. Together, we’ll build a tailored and detailed yet flexible company development strategy that will prepare your company for growth without losing the unique character that got you this far

Hands-on advisory

It can get lonely at the top, and startup executives face unique challenges that few can understand and solve. We’ll provide the close expert guidance you need, resolve your BOD dilemmas, and advise you every step of the way.

Execution support

Let’s make things happen with a detailed process for the execution of strategic plans. We’ll set goals, prioritize, delegate, and measure results. This will establish a culture of success throughout the organization and turn employees into vision partners.

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