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Canico helps technology companies march their business goals forward. Our services include forming and executing a solid business strategy, guiding executives through various initiatives, and our signature Canada Launchpad. 


Canico specializes in connecting startups with relevant business partners and clients and has unparalleled experience in the Israeli and Canadian markets. We understand the unique challenges that accompany business growth and make sure that our clients triumph them. 


At Canico, we’re passionate about business, people, technology, and the intersection of all three. Together with our clients, we turn entrepreneurship dreams into practical strategies that make them a reality. 

Gil Eiges

Founder & CEO

Gil has extensive experience in the startup world, having worked with a wide variety of companies from different backgrounds for more than 17 years. Gil advises companies and executives on business strategy, fundraising, go-to-market plans, and more. In his (not so) spare time, Gil is a runner, an amateur cook, and a music fan who also loves to travel. 

Let’s talk business!

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