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Canada’s tech scene holds many exciting surprises for entrepreneurs. In addition to being the 10th largest economy globally and the 2nd largest country geographically, the past few years marked new records for Canadian VC funding and angel investments. Local authorities launched a welcoming Startup Visa Program, and four Canadian cities made the list of best places in the world to start a new business. There’s no wonder that Canada became one of the leading countries attracting top tech talent and promising startups.


Canada offers a massive opportunity for startups, yet many companies focus their North American efforts on the US alone. This unique market demands specific in-depth understanding and substantial local networking experience. International companies looking to tap into the Canadian market should collaborate with experts with vast experience in both locations. Luckily for you, that’s what we are. Our main focus areas include B2B companies, FinTech, Telecom, Industry 4.0, and more.    


Canico is perfectly situated to open the door for startups and support their business growth in Canada. We’ll help you find technological and business partners, penetrate new markets, and raise funds. Our Canada Launchpad is free of risk and full of thrilling possibilities. 


Want to learn more? Give us a nudge, and we’ll take it from there.

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