With our rich and multinational experience, expertise, and ecosystem of strategic partners, we can help any startup at any stage grow fast. 

Startups Strategy and Execution

We have been supporting startups with strategic planning, fundraising, product/marketing/ sales, operations planning, team scaling and recruiting. We march hand in hand with our clients and support them when and where it's needed. We are committed to your success and promise to create value throughout the process, whether it is a one-time engagement or a long-term relationship.  

Digital Media 
Media planning is the basis for any successful campaign or marketing endeavor. For some startups, this could be the difference between thriving and ceasing to exist. The best creative – a clear, precise message – will lose its message entirely if it does not reach the right audience in the right way. As important as the message and the execution are, the lion's share of a budget usually goes to media. Precise planning and skillful media buying can achieve exponentially better results for any given budget.
Through a strategic partnership with Exactive, a leading media and advertising company, our team is committed to ensuring the broadest, most efficient and most accurate deployment in both local and global media, for every project.
Services for Canadian and Israeli Companies

Canada and Israel are two of the most interesting and innovative global tech hubs. According to data compiled by Compass recently, 4 cities from these two countries are ranked among the top 20 most active startup scenes in the world.


With presence and practical experience in both Canada and Israel, Canico is perfectly situated to help startups and companies from both countries find technological and business partners, penetrate new markets, and raise funds.


With local partners in locations across the US such Silicon Valley and NYC, we support startups’ interests in North America, bridging Canada, Israel, and the US closer than ever before. 


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